Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Contemporary Christian Music Playlist.

Hey, if anyone is into christian music, this chick has over 1,000 cool songs. Love her contemporary christian music playlist. 

Check out her huge list here: /

She says:

I wanted to quit listening to regular music. But I thought there wasn't much good contemporary christian music. 

Boy, was I WRONG! 
I found powerful worship, alternative, indie, pop, faith-based, acoustic, (and I love those acoustic string squeaks) original, one-of-a-kind, fun, vibrant songs with a unique tone and sound. I found majestic songs with breathtaking vocals, pretty falsettos, gorgeous harmonies, some with beautiful violins, emotional vocals, a contemporary sound, complete with fluid melodic lines, and beloved stringed instruments. I also found stunning duets and impressive christian folk music, complete with pretty ballads, songs full of sparkle and bounce, with moving acoustic balladry; rich, layered compositions that swept me away with melody, harmony, lyrics, praise, and devotion. 

I love slow songs, but I love fast, upbeat ones too. And I love pop, but I love a little rock and folky songs too. 

I found some amazing under-the radar bands that I think you'll love as much as I do. So here's all the very best christian music in one place. (at least to me. :) lol) And even if you don't like one song but love the artist's voice, check out his/her's album. You might enjoy another one of their songs. If you find a few precious gems you love, then my mission is done here. 

I love every single song on my list but here are some of my very favorite groups: 

I have hundreds, but here is a quick list: Rend Collective, Ekklesia Music, Press Play, Brian Johnson, United Pursuit, Mass Anthem, Rivers & Robots, Seeker & Servant, Iron Bell Music, Carrollton, Leeland, Phil Wickham, City Harbor, Chris Taylor, Urban Rescue, David Leonard, Fresh Life Worship, Kari Jobe, Colton Dixon, Travis Ryan, Mosaic MSC, Jordan Feliz, Sanctus Real, Martin Smith, Robbie Seay Band, Mosaic MSC, Allie Paige, Jason Bare, Jason Lavik, Chris McClarney, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Gungor, Sarah Reeves (christian pop) Dara Maclean (christian pop) Britt Nicole (christian pop) Roy Fields, Passion, Bethel, Hillsong, Red Rocks Worship, Alisa Turner, Travis Ryan, Elevation Worship

I worked on this christian music playlist for a year and complied the perfect list for me. And I wanted to share it with Christians who are looking for a music play list or different songs. I wanted to help people who were searching for good christian music. I hope you enjoy this little library and find that one hidden gem that's not mainstream. I have a few of those along with the popular radio hits. 

I love christian and biblical music and only picked songs that moved me in some way or had a special message or unique tone or beat. I was looking for something besides choir music. Sure, I love worship, and there are a lot of those type of songs on the list. (Like Hillsong) But I also went for different songs that were unique and played with beautiful instruments and angelic voices. It wasn't your same old, same old. 

These songs are just beautiful and heart touching with beautiful lyrics and powerful messages. Some songs are slow while others are fast. It's a combination of everything. They really move me and I just want to sing them from a mountain top! Because nothing is better than worshipping my Eternal King, my Lord Jesus Christ. 

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