Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rebel Princess - book 2 from The Hope Saga

Book 2 of The Hope Saga is available now. 

***Book 1 is a free novella*** 

And for those of you who have just read book 2, here's a little teaser. 

New Releases

I’ve had so many requests for a release lineup of my books. Thank you for your continued support and patience. I can’t give you exact dates, but here is the order.

I'm presently working on Enchanted Dreams book - 3. (Halfway done)


Eternal Flame - book 6 in The Ruby Ring Saga

Chaos - book 4 in the Crush Saga

Impact - book 8 in the The Zombie Chronicles series

Daughter of Darkness - book 1. This book is being released at the same time with Carolyn Picard, Kristen Middleton, and Wanita May. Each author will take a daughter and tell her story.
Rebel - Book 4 in The Hope Saga

Here's some new banners I made today. :)