Friday, July 26, 2013

Book 4 of The Ruby Ring Saga is coming July 30th!

Great news for Ruby Ring readers! Being an author can kind of be like being an artist. You switch things here and there until it's perfect. I opted for a name change and cover change to fit the story more. So book 4 is called Eternal Faith. Book 5 is called Eternal Bloom. Because that's when the eternal bloom comes into play. I'm writing it right now! But book 4 (Eternal Faith) is ready and will be published on Tuesday July 30th.

The Zombie Chronicles are out on audio!

The Zombie Chronicles books 1-4 are now out on audio! I'm so excited! : ) My narrator is going to do book 5 in August. Mikael Naramore did a fantastic job! I couldn't be more pleased. He brings you into the story by gripping you and never letting go. I fell in love with Dean all over again as I listened to these chronicles being read on audio. 

Eternal Vows is getting ready to hit audio!

I'm so excited! : ) The Ruby  Ring Saga is in paperback so I moved to audio. Marian Hussey has just finished Eternal Vows for audio. She did a fantastic job and brought the story to life. I couldn't have found a better narrator and she nailed Sarah Larker perfectly. Amazon gave me the official approval and says they will publish in three weeks. Here is the square version for my audio cover: