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Five Shades of Fantasy
A star-studded anthology of thrilling, action packed, and totally swoon worthy first books from five different fantasy series by your favorite female authors.

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5 thrilling full length fantasy/romance novels in one volume 

 5 sexy heroes.

 5 strong heroines. 

All for FREE! 

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5 bestselling novels by 5 bestselling authors with a bonus excerpt bring you Five Shades of Fantasy. This is five complete novels from some of today's most exciting authors. Each shade is a different genre of the fantasy and romance you love the most. 

Let's meet the women and learn what 'shade' they are sharing in this anthology.

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Shade 1 - YA Paranormal Romance

Blurb: It lurks in the dead of night…

BLUR by bestselling author Kristen Middleton

And book 2 is just as gorgeous!

And so is Book 3!

Shade 2  Paranormal Romance and Fantasy Adventure

Blurb: Mistaken identity comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on an ancient wedding ring comes along with an even higher price.

ETERNAL VOWS by bestselling author Chrissy Peebles of more than ten novels including the popular series The Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series and The Ruby Ring Saga.

Shade 3  YA Fantasy with Paranormal Powers

 Blurb:  The sins of the father are the sins of the son, or in this case the daughter.

RAE OF HOPE by best selling author W.J. May

 I Love Book 2!

Book 3

                                                               Book 4

Shade 4  YA Fantasy

Blurb: What if you fall in love with the one person you are destined to kill?

IGNITE by bestselling author 
Kaitlyn Davis.

Shade 5 – New Adult Urban Fantasy Romance 

Blurb: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. 

Nothing could stop her from changing.

ELEMENT by bestselling author CM Doporto

And Book 2 is just as gorgeous!


YA urban fantasy and romance adventure

Keeper from Amazon’s award winning quarter semifinalist Tiffany Evans

As a Drea, Taylee Pierce is a walking energy bong—or that’s how the gift stealing Rygons see her. Her ability to control minds in their hands could mean the destruction of the Kember and Drea race.

Laced with speed, strength, and a physical ability, each Kember holds the key to not only defeat the Rygons, but to protect one Drea until death.

But what happens when one who’s born to protect, hunts instead?

During a heated battle with a rogue Kember, Taylee’s forced to run and let her own Kember—the man who raised her—face him alone. With the announcement of her protector’s death, Taylee’s anger and obsession regarding the mysterious murderer take over. She’s hell-bent on bringing her guardian justice, even if it means


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