Friday, May 17, 2013

Paperback & Audio

I have two announcement for Ruby Ring readers. One - It's now available in print. Two - I've signed with a narrator to make it available in audio. She can't record the book until the end of July, but her voice is amazing and I'm willing to wait. 

The entire Ruby Ring Saga is in paperback. I'm still waiting for Amazon to link it to my kindle version. But the paperback copies are there. If you put Chrissy Peebles into the Amazon search engine, all my books will show up. On top, click paperback. It'll take you to my paperbacks. 


JoannaT. said...

Do u have the second book available? Loved the first one. :)

Chrissy Peebles said...

Hi Joanna,

Books 2 and 3 are out on most e-book outlets. Book 4 is coming out this week. I'm so excited! : )