Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rascals Sing at The Opera House.

Rascals Sing at The Opera House.

(Adventures of Rascals, Polly and Gertie)

 [Kindle Edition]

by Patricia Puddle

Product Description

Polly and Gertie can't wait to go to the singing festival to compete with other schools. After all, they're going to the Opera House. And that means they'll be famous.

When Miss Badger bans Polly from the choir for singing out of tune, Gertie refuses to go to the festival without her best friend. The headmistress, Mrs Godbolt, can't have that because Gertie is the best singer in the whole school. Polly comes up with a brilliant idea. She says she's a great actress and could easily mime instead of singing. But Miss Badger is horrified. She tells the headmistress that Polly is a walking disaster. After all, she hung her wet underpants on the windowsill to dry and stunk out the classroom. And if they let her go to the Opera House, she’d only wee-wee on the stage and embarrass the whole school.

Well, no way is Polly letting that meanie teacher stop her from going to the festival. How else can she become famous? And she's not leaving Mange behind either. After all, Great Aunt Mabel is back and she doesn't like dogs. She'd only stick him in the shed with the chook poo and feed him fish heads for dinner.


Oh my gosh, this author does it again! This is one of my favorite children's authors. My kids and I couldn't stop laughing at all of Polly and Gertie's antics. We get to see mean old auntie again. LOL. And let me tell you, she's mean indeed! Back with her horrible dishes that you couldn't pay me to eat in a million years. (tripe) The gals go the opera house and bring a special guest of the furry kind. They even make the Saturday News. You'll just love this adventure so much! The girls bring the usual humor and will keep you rolling. One of my favorite parts is when Gertie grabs the microphone and starts singing a Justin Beiber song. My kids made me read that entire scene like 10 times!

You're going to love this one!!!! Especially the drawings. They are so cute and funny! My favorite part too. This is definitely worth 5 stars and I'd recommend it for kids and adults!

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