Monday, October 31, 2011

"FUN" Interview with Author John Wheatley

Product Description

Jenna Shaw, 32, children`s TV presenter, is invited to take par t in a TV show exploring her ancestry, a quest which will take her, ultimately, to the ruined mansion of Baron Hill, in Beaumaris, Anglesey 350 years earlier, Thomas Cheadle, despised for his affair with Lady Anne Bulkeley, and blamed for the death of her husband, prepares to play his part as the Civil War reaches Wales.
Isobel Harcourt, recovering from a breakdown following a failed love affair with artist, James Pennington, and in the protection of her sister, is taken to Beaumaris, Anglesey, to convalesce. The year is 1831.
How do Isobel`s strange delusions link the past and the present?
What will be the outcome of Jenna`s quest?


                            John Wheatley

    Author, teacher, plumber - in that order at the moment. Writer of    
                    historical fiction set in Anglesey. North Wales.

Hi John. Welcome to The Purple Brick Road. Please tell me about your book.

“The Weeping Sands” is a historical/genealogical quest novel set on the isle of Anglesey, North Wales. It has three interwoven stories of love and loss, spanning four centuries, from the English Civil War to present day. A ruined mansion, and the Lavan Sands [the sands of weeping] provide the link between past and present.

That sounds wonderful. What`s your next project?

Another historical novel, this time with a time travel dimension. A young man, rescued from a shipwreck, [Anglesey again!] begins to fall in love with the daughter of the family who look after him. He finds himself following her into episodes from the past, reliving disturbing events linked to an ancient Welsh myth.

Tom or Jerry?

Tom. What amazing powers of recovery!

You’re right about that one. What’s your favorite cartoon character?

Mulan – what a girl! Love that clumsiness at the beginning.

If you were a tree what would it be?

“Oh, chestnut tree, great rooted blossomer…”

If you could choose to be any food what would it be?

A vanilla slice. Two  pieces of  blitz puff  pastry generously filled with vanilla custard, and topped with icing sugar. Deliciously messy to eat.
If you could have a superpower what would it be?

There have been one or two occasions in my life when I have desperately wanted the power to heal another person. But it could become addictive!

That would be a cool superpower. What would you do if you had a time-machine?

Hey, I`m a historical novelist, this question isn`t fair!!! Though it might beat using the web for research!

Where was your best vacation?

Aix-en-Provence, South of France, Easter.  Age 18. Fell in love, was fallen in love with. God pointed his finger at me and said, let him know what the best thing is to be alive for.

Sing in the rain or dance in the street?

In the rain, both dancing and singing. Make a splash!

What music are you listening to?

Sarah McClachlan.

Oh, I love her! Most frequent song played?


Awesome song. When is your birthday?

December 21 – the winter solstice. The snow was falling deep and my mum sent my dad out into the cold to find the midwife. I was born at home, with a big fire blazing.

Should people eat the fish they catch or throw them back?

They should kill only the fish they are going to eat. This shows respect to the fish. The trouble is that try as I might, I never catch any!

Where does your family live?

Cheadle Hulme, a leafy suburb of that vibrant city Manchester, England. Two hours down the road to beautiful Anglesey.

If you throw a blue stone into a blue sea, what will it become?

You`ll find the answer to this in Chrissy Peeble`s next novel, and believe me, it will be astonishing.

You’re funny, John! 

What a "FUN" interview! Thanks, John, for visiting "FUN" Interviews on The Purple Brick Road. It was a pleasure to have you. And a big thank you to everyone who tuned in. 

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