Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Val gets her own book!

Val from The Zombie Chronicles is a very popular character. People have asked for her story, because The Zombie Chronicles never really told it. She shows up at the island and is bitten, but that's all we know. Val was a tough cop in Philadelphia. She is Dean and Nick's older sister, the sister that was given away at birth. How did she get bitten? How was her journey to the island? I'm always asked those questions.  This novella will dive into Val's life just as everything happens. She fights through the outbreak and decides after a year of hiding to get to the island where her biological family is...the family she never met before. Follow her journey and watch how she reunites with Dean and her biological parents and grandmother for the first time. This is a prequel to The Zombie Chronicles. See important info that was never shown in book one. I'm aiming for an April release.  

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